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Diaper Digest - November 2020 Edition

Dear friends- As we find ourselves eight long months into this pandemic, my team and I at Fairfax Diapers are weary, yet full of gratitude. While none of us ever expected COVID to last as long as it has, we certainly never expected to be distributing as many diapers as we have during this challenging time. We continue to be amazed that we can support an ever-growing number of families in need. apshot of the scale of diapers that we are distributing to families in our community:

  • October 2019: 8,700 diapers to 249 clients

  • March 2020: 15,653 diapers to 412 families

  • July 2020: 23,979 diapers to 678 families

As the virus continues to spike across the country and in our community, so too does the need of families for diapers: In October 2020, we distributed 29,545 to 779 families. We want to highlight the work of our incredible partners and donors who have helped us meet this growing need .

  • Social4Good: Thank you to these incredible ladies for their September diaper drive which netted an unbelievable 27,817 diapers. Not only did these women donate boxes upon boxes upon boxes of diapers, they sorted and packaged every last one.

  • Food for Others + Women Giving Back: Thank you to these hardworking individuals who show up each and every day with a smile on their faces and the patience and humanity to serve hundreds of families in need.

  • Betsy Clevenger at the Annandale United Methodist Church Mission: Thank you to this unstoppable powerhouse who distributes food and diapers to families in the Annandale area four nights a week with such kindness and grace.

  • Social workers and PTSA parents at Annandale High School and Falls Church High School: Thank you for working tirelessly to ensure that none of your students (especially teen moms) fall through the cracks.

  • Family Pass + Lutheran Family Services: Thank you to these organizations for ensuring that your clients are cared for and that your pantries have food and diapers for families in crisis.

And thank you to all of you. --- You, the supporters of Fairfax Diapers, have graciously and generously given to our cause. You understand that by donating a box of diapers – or 6 – or by writing a check, you are making a difference in the lives of our community members. We are profoundly grateful. Social4Good September 24 diaper packaging event During one of our drop-offs to Food for Others just last week, a long-time volunteer shared some insight into her experiences distributing food and diapers to clients in our community during this pandemic. According to this dedicated volunteer, the situation is only worsening: People are only growing more desperate, more appreciative for even a small box of food. With unemployment benefits for over 12 million Americans set to expire on December 26th, food and the often-forgotten stress of diaper insecurity will only continue to grow more dire. Can you afford to pitch in this holiday season? Every dollar donated to Fairfax Diapers goes directly to the purchase of diapers for families in need. The Kenny family basement and garage function as our headquarters, leaving us with no overhead or staff costs. With Fairfax Diapers, it’s a truly “dollars for diapers” model.

To be on the giving end is truly a gift and for that we are thankful. We are so appreciative that your generosity has given us this opportunity. We hope that you all have a safe and healthy holiday season with those you love! -- With sincere thanks, Christine, Christine, Rachel, Susan, and Teresa

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