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Diaper Digest - What a 2022!

Hello friends -

Happy New Year! It's been a while since you've heard from us, but we are still working diligently to provide more diapers than ever to families in Fairfax. In 2022, with your generous assistance, we were able to distribute 273,195 diapers in 8,174 individual packages. While we are still distributing the majority of our diapers through Food for Others, we have been able to add some smaller partners who are doing amazing work in our community, bringing our total partners to 11! Many of our partners request diapers on a monthly basis but some less regularly, as the number of clients they are serving fluctuates. Check out our 2022 partner distributions below!

We remain a small grass-roots operation working out of the Kenny family garage and welcome anyone who wants to come over for a fun hour or two of packaging. We are so appreciative of your continued generosity, support, and enthusiasm for our mission! Thank you all -


Christine, Susan, Christine, Teresa, and Rachel

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