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Start A Diaper Donation Drive

Working Towards a Brighter Future

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Getting Started

We are excited that you want to help make a difference! If you are interested in holding a diaper donation drive, reach out to us by emailing

I am excited to work with you to help close the gap in diaper disparity!

 Diaper Drive Toolkit

Thank you so much for agreeing to host a diaper drive! On behalf of Fairfax Diapers, please know how appreciative we are.  We are working to end diaper insecurity in Fairfax County and you will help us meet this goal. Below you will find some helpful tips to host a successful drive:

  1. Pick a time frame to collect diapers and decide on a goal.  We can help you come up with a reasonable number of diapers you can expect to collect.  Plan to have the collection bin available for at least a week in order to give people enough time to donate.  Your time frame should be advertised the week before the collection actually starts.

  2. Choose the location where you will have your collection bin.  Ideally, it will be in a central location and will be labeled clearly.

  3. Announce your drive and start advertising!  Social media, newsletters, signs, word of mouth are all great ways to let people know about the great work you are doing! Let us help you if you need a flyer to distribute; contact 

In your advertising materials, be sure to include some facts to help people understand why you are organizing this event!  

  • 1 in 3 families experience diaper need

  • Diapers can cost up to $80/month per child forcing families to choose between food, a tank of gas, household necessities

  • No state of federal child safety net program allocates $ for diapers

  • SNAP dollars cannot be used to purchase diapers

  • In Fairfax County, we have a 6.4% poverty rate.  Of those 74,417 county residents living in poverty, 30% are children

  • In Fairfax County, a family of 4 with income below $24,250 is considered to be living in poverty

  • Most day care facilities require parents to bring a supply of diapers for their baby. Lack of diapers causes many parents to miss work 

Please contact us to arrange a pick up of your donation! And THANK YOU!

The Fairfax Diapers Team – Christine, Susan, Christine, Teresa, Rachel

Past Diaper Donation Drives

Contact Fairfax Diapers

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