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Diaper Digest - February 2021 Edition

Dear Friends,

We are certainly relieved to see 2020 in the rear view mirror! As challenging as this past year was, Fairfax Diapers has much to be proud of!

We were able to distribute 269,955 diapers in 7,188 packages through nine partner organizations. We received 35,752 diapers from local drives and purchased 234,203 diapers with donations from you!

This Fairfax Girl Scout Troop collected over 7,000 diapers in December!

Lori and Braden package diapers most Wednesday afternoons. They are such a tremendous help!

In January, Fairfax Diapers added "She Believes in Me" as a new partner. This wonderful organization based in Herndon provides life skills, emotional support, and urgently needed resources (including diapers) to girls and their families.

As we reach the one year mark of the onset of this pandemic, we pause to appreciate all of the individuals, organizations, and volunteers who have inspired us and assisted us. Through contributing your time, support, and donations, you make our work possible each and every day.

Cheers to a better 2021!


Christine, Susan, Christine, Teresa, Rachel

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